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Khakim Ganiev

Khakim Ganiev is one of the best chefs in Russia, a specialist in Uzbek cuisine, a popular blogger, a participant in numerous master classes, and an author of cookbooks.

The first steps towards a career of a genius chef

Hakim Ganiev spent his childhood in the Uzbek city of Margilan. Since 2000, he has lived in Moscow, where he is considered one of the most sought-after chefs. The talented culinary specialist confesses that he loved to cook since childhood. At first, he studied with his mother, and then began to learn from local chefs.

Khakim is married and has a daughter. He likes to spend his free time outdoors, rollerblading. He shares his culinary experience through books that are quickly becoming bestsellers:

"Encyclopedia of Uzbek cuisine";
“Eastern feast with Khakim Ganiev. Pilaf is a delicate matter ”;
“Eastern feast with Khakim Ganiev. Shish kebabs.
Describing the recipes for cooking national dishes, the author shares with readers the secrets of Uzbek cuisine.

National recipes and secrets of their preparation

The author proves that Uzbek cuisine is not limited to pilaf, the recipes of which are huge. Connoisseurs of national food will be able to independently prepare aromatic flat cakes, sweet desserts, hot and cold drinks, as well as soups, meat, vegetables.

Each dish has its own flavor and a certain philosophical meaning associated with the event for which it is being prepared. While composing the recipes, the author tried to tell about the corresponding customs, life and rituals of the Uzbek people. He shares little secrets, ignorance of which does not allow cooking a dish truly tasty and authentic.

Detailed descriptions of the processes, illustrations and explanations of the chef make it possible to prepare professionally even for those who have never mastered the cooking skills.

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26 мая 2014 г. прошел очередной экзамен окончивших курс обучения по специальности «Повар национальной и зарубежной кухни». На экзаменационой комиссии участвовали эксперты гастрономии и гостинично-...

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В распоряжении Международного центра узбекского кулинарного искусства имеются полностью укомплектованные аудитории-кухни, оснащенные самым современным оборудованием.

10 января 2014 года в Международном центре узбекского кулинарного искусства  состоялся очередной итоговый экзамен (сертификация) "Су шефов".  В состав экзаменационной комиссии входили...


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